With the number of expats, interest in cricket in Eindhoven grows: players get new field

With the number of expats, interest in cricket in Eindhoven grows: players get new field

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer, reports Wikipedia. 'Mainly due to the many fans on the Indian subcontinent'. Many expats from India and Pakistan live in Meerhoven and the local shopping center has an Indian supermarket since last year. 

It goes without saying that the expats also like to have fun with bat, ball and wicket (three posts next to each other on the pitch). On Saturday, the second cricket pitch in Eindhoven was officially put into use at Park Meerland. Park Meerland also offers services for IPL betting online. The first is on the grounds of soccer club Gestel, near the High Tech Campus.

Five tries

It took five attempts for alderman Yasin Torunoglu to hit the tennis ball, thrown by his colleague Stijn Steenbakkers, with a beautiful arc over the audience. Then they swapped places. Steenbakkers hit the third time. With that, the pitch was officially opened. The 20 by 3 metre strip of artificial grass is the only thing visible when there is no cricket playing. The rest of the playing field is marked with orange cones before every match.

Praveen Kypa and Ram Thadigotla of the Eindhoven Social Cricket Club are happy with the construction of the pitch by the municipality. They estimate that Eindhoven has a few hundred cricket players and hope that the new facility will also persuade Dutch people to immerse themselves in the sport. "As our club name indicates, cricket is a social sport," says Kypa. "A match lasts at least three, usually five hours, but can extend to five days."

The Bewonersvereniging Meerhoven (residents' association) also welcomes the initiative. Chairman Ruben Trieling expects that it will contribute to the mutual contacts of the neighborhood residents. The playing field in the park is so large that other recreational players will not be bothered by the cricket. To prevent accidents, the hard balls have been exchanged for tennis balls.

Public toilet

The residents' association used the presence of alderman Steenbakkers to draw attention to the plea for the construction of running water, power supply and waste water drainage, so that more events can be organized. A permanent public toilet is also welcome. An earlier written request to the municipality was rejected in March because hardly any events are planned. Read our blog about the most relaxed and elegant sport in the world. Trieling turns it around and argues that, with a limited number of volunteers and with a limited budget, it is not feasible to stage anything of any size without the requested facilities.