How to pick the best collar for your dog

A dog collar is one of the first things a new dog owner buys for their pup. Dog collars have lots of functions, and they can also be stylish and fashionable accessories that can make your pet look special. Being a symbol of control, patience, and security, a dog collar is a thing that guarantees that your pet will be safe.

Nowadays, you can find plenty of options to choose from. They have different designs and are made of various materials: leather, rope, polyamide, strong hardware, and much more. But keen dog owners know that not every collar is great. It takes lots of experience to understand what item is worth buying. We’ll help you find the best dog collar to make you and your pet happy.

Why does a dog even need a collar?

Some people see dog collars as just accessories, some think that they just help people control their pets. Both options are correct. When you adjust a leash to a classic dog collar, you can walk your pet safely without worrying about its safety. Your pet won’t run away, it won’t attack any other animals or people around, and it won’t get hit by a car. Good collars are strong and long-lasting, so they can withstand huge pulling force without breaking.

Classic dog collars also often contain some information about your pet in case it gets lost. You can put your pup’s name or your phone number on it, so someone can find your pet and give it back to you. You can also put some info about the pup’s vaccination there, so people around can feel safer.

Collars for dogs can also be just nice accessories. A pretty collar can make your pet stand out, and it can also show your taste and style. You can find plenty of attractive and stylish options there - at, and you can purchase multiple items to change them from time to time, just like you change your jewelries.

Let’s pick the best collar for your pup

An amazing collar should have these qualities

Strong. Of course, smaller and medium-sized breeds don’t have to wear extra strong collars as bigger breeds do. At the same time, even medium-sized pups can sometimes become really fast and strong when they’re excited and want to explore something around. A good collar has to keep your pet near you, and its hardware should also be strong enough to keep the leash on its place;

Suitable. A perfect collar shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Tight ones can make it harder for your pet to breathe, and loose ones are simply not secure enough - active pets can sometimes get rid of them and run away. Therefore, consider your pup’s size and age, and choose adjustable collars;

Comfortable. Even when your dog really wants to run somewhere, its collar shouldn’t hurt its neck - unless you purposefully use a strict collar. When a collar is too thin or poorly made, it can harm your pet - and you definitely don’t want that. Some items have special soft layers inside, so they feel comfortable and gentle. If your pet is fluffy, then remember that some hardware can pull off its fur - so make sure the locks won’t harm your pet friend;

Lasting. It’s not only about how strong it is. Great collars have to be waterproof, because you should be able to walk your pet in any weather. Some pets also love playing in pools or swimming. Waterproof collars are easier to wash as well, so they stay beautiful and strong for a long time. To make sure the collar is lasting, pick items made of long-lasting materials and strong hardware. Most collars are made of genuine leather - and it’s the best option for most pets;

Attractive. Your pet won’t probably mind wearing an ugly collar, but it will spoil your mood almost every time you see it. High-quality products tend to look good, so it’s pleasant to use them, and they can also make your pet look special. You can find plenty of nice designs: simple classic ones, harnesses, rope collars, and much more. You can also get multiple collars to change them from time to time.


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