How to Earn Cryptocurrencies by Playing

Cryptocurrencies have become a highly desired asset all over the world, even by those who have no idea how these digital currencies work exactly. It is funny to think that ten years ago these same cryptocurrencies were called a fraud, a joke, or a big fat lie with no head or tail.

Of course, all the great experts who said something like that, deeply regretted it and even became investors. After all, after the huge appreciation of Bitcoin, which made its investors literally millionaires overnight, a rush to buy these digital assets was started, many aspiring investors, led by the news, made the market grow impressively. List of crypto casinos by link

To this day, investors are waiting for the new Bitcoin. But, as we already know well, in order to acquire cryptocurrencies, even a fraction of them, one must buy or mine them. Mining is a complex and labor-intensive process, while buying is simpler, but not always possible with a low investment.

And if I told you that there is a way to earn cryptocurrency by playing, would you believe me? Probably not, but the truth is that this market is full of innovations and surprises, it really revolutionized several digital areas and some software companies saw the chance to create another market, that of cryptocurrency games.

What Are Cryptocurrency Games?

We can say that crypto-currency games are still new in this crypto-currency industry where innovation is the basis for such a rapid growth. The major cryptocurrencies have their market value based on the law of supply and demand, the more desired and limited they are, the higher their prices are, and a large and growing demand for these digital assets has formed in recent years.

With so many investors being formed and entering the cryptocurrency market looking for a way to acquire at least a fraction of them, some software developers saw this as an opportunity to innovate. So, two types of games were created with the goal of using cryptocurrencies and NFT's:

Play-to-Earn Games

And so the Play-to-Earn or play-to-win games were born, they are games developed based on blockchain, the same base as cryptocurrencies and, therefore, can make transactions and use cryptocurrencies and also the new NFT's as prizes or payments for their players.

It is possible to find games of various types and themes with this Play-to-Earn proposal, the most popular ones are developed like big console games that we can find on the games market, others are a bit simpler and focused on earning possibilities.

The more complex games offer a more complex journey for the player, where the player can accumulate virtual creatures that can become NFT's and also use the game's native digital currency to make their internal transactions or exchange them for some cryptocurrency of their choice.

Pay-to-win games

There are also Pay-to-win games that resemble online casino games, where the player can place bets in cryptocurrency to win cryptocurrencies, these are simpler games but can offer a higher margin of winnings to the player who knows well what they are doing.

These games are usually found in cryptocurrency-based online casinos, meaning that they use only cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

How to Win Cryptocurrency by Playing?

This is already a market full of options for players, and with so many options it is common to get confused about where to start and what the next step should be. It is important to understand that this is a market like any other, which has its risks and also advantages, so it is necessary to always be aware.

Therefore, we have separated here a step by step of what should be done to have a smooth journey playing Play-to-Earn and Pay-to-win games earning cryptocurrencies, follow along.

Choose what type of game you want to use

As we saw earlier in this article, there are two main types of games for earning cryptocurrencies, Play-to-Earn and Pay-to-win.

In Play-to-Earn games, the player can find more complex game options such as RPG's, these games deliver their own digital currencies to be used within the game, so the user can create or buy characters and improve them to achieve achievements, these characters are NFT's of the game and therefore have market value and can be traded for cryptocurrencies later.

Pay-to-win games, on the other hand, are usually casino games where the user needs to invest an amount of money in cryptocurrencies to serve as an initial investment in betting on the games. They can be games of various themes, including classic casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker.