How to beat mobile casinos

These days, mobile casinos have shifted the focus away from land-based halls as they enable remote play at any time. We can enjoy our favorite slots and live games whenever we want without considering any side factors. We receive applications with a convenient structure and a pleasant interface, deposit in an instant and withdraw at a time chosen by us.

We are going to look at the main stages of participating in mobile casinos and answer the questions related to outplaying them.

Choose a mobile casino according to your needs

The most important thing is to join a mobile online casino that is right for you and meets your requirements. Use the following guide to find the best casino games app :

  • Check for which operating system it is adapted ;
  • Find out about available games and services ;
  • Familiarize yourself with the payment methods and the imposed limits ;
  • Find out what other users have to say ;
  • Find out how to contact support and the response time.

The good news is that most mobile casino apps and versions are completely free. You have the right to download them, view the current list of games and check if they match your criteria.

Enforce a limit on deposits and bets

Most gamblers believe that there is no way to get addicted to the casino and develop a gambling addiction. On the contrary, anyone can succumb to the temptation and embark on a mad pursuit of profits. Therefore, it is important to be careful and manage your bank wisely.

To avoid possible problems in the long run, use the manual account limit options. Mobile casinos allow you to impose a limit on deposits and bets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Depending on your monthly income and how much you are willing to lose, determine the maximum amount to play in the casino.

Aim for high return games

Mobile casinos provide plenty of entertainment, but our aim is to select the best among them. Participate in games that arrive with a high payout percentage and have a stable variation.

For example, most slots are accompanied by returns that are in the range of 95-97%. It follows from here that we can lose 1000 JPY when betting 70000 JPY on the slot. Of course, in some cases we will make a profit, while in others we will suffer more serious defeats.

The role of volatility is also not to be neglected. Its task is to visualize the frequency of successful combinations and what is the value of the sums won. A low variance indicates regular wins that are not large, while a high variance indicates that the game pays out less frequently but in larger amounts.

Learn the rules of the games before betting

It will sound strange to experienced players, but it is a fact that beginners in the casino field fail to inform themselves about the rules. This is a major mistake that only leads to negative results.

Before you start playing with real money, try the demo versions of the games. They will allow you to bet unlimited by relying on virtual coins. You are not allowed to withdraw the winnings, but you will gain experience and get to know the terms. In addition, most slot games have an " Info " table , which mentions the most important rules, winning symbols and line layouts.

Withdraw when the bankroll is tripled

Most likely, you have heard the statement : " Withdraw while it's time " . We will hardly surprise you if we share that it is true and must be followed if you want to achieve a positive result.

When you reach a specific amount that satisfies your desires, proceed to withdraw. According to most experts, tripling your starting capital is a realistic goal and should be used when playing mobile casinos.

For example, if you start with 500 JPY, but at some point you accumulate 20000 JPY in the account, request a payout of the net profit. With the remaining amount, you can continue your participation, but after resting.

The recommended time for using casino applications is reduced to 30-40 minutes per day.

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