Best Movies about People with Mental Disorders (Top 5) on Soap2Day

Over the past dozen years, quite a few films about mental disorders have come out, because this very topic is terribly interesting. Such films attract viewers with unexpected plot twists, unpredictable human behavior, as well as deep psychologism.

Best Movies about People with Mental Disorders (Top 5) on Soap2Day

"A Beautiful Mind"

The film, which you can watch on Soap2Day is based on true events, and depicts the story of genius scientist John Forbes Nash, who has fallen victim to an acute form of schizophrenia. He is seen by his loyal friend Solo, who is always ready to help John in his time of need, his niece Marcia, and security agent William Parcher. All of them, as it turns out later, are just a figment of his sick mind. However, luckily John is not alone with his terrible illness - his wife Alicia is by his side. It is she who helps him climb out of the deep abyss of illness into which he periodically falls.


Three teenage girls are kidnapped right out of a parking lot by a certain Mr. Wendell, who puts them into a state of sleep by using a special drug. The girls wake up in some strange room that resembles a basement. But, it is strangely arranged and equipped in a special way. After spending time in this place, interacting with the kidnapper, they realize that the man suffers from multiple personality disorder. Moreover, the personality of the protagonist himself has been "asleep" for a long time. Basically, three personalities dominate - Dennis, who actually kidnapped the girls, calm Patricia, and decades-old Hedwig.

"Still Alice"

Columbia University linguistics professor Alice Howland goes to the medical center with memory and orientation problems. The result of the diagnosis stuns the heroine - early Alzheimer's. Alice begins to fight the terrible disease, but Alzheimer's begins to progress. The woman loses her job, gets lost in her own home, doesn't recognize her family...

"Rain Man"

The film tells viewers the story of two brothers, Charlie and Raymond Babbitt. Charlie expects to inherit after his father's death, but learns that almost all of his property is bequeathed to his brother, who has long lived in a hospital for the mentally ill, so Charlie did not even know his own brother existed. So, determined to right this injustice to himself, he sends Raymond, who is autistic, on a quest to find him. Charlie decides to take his brother away from the clinic and not bring him back until the inheritance is split in half, but the brothers encounter a number of difficulties along the way.

"Silver Linings Playbook"

The film depicts the life of former teacher Pate Solitano, who returns from a hospital for the mentally ill to his parents to live with them for the first time until he gets back on his feet. The main character has bipolar affective disorder, characterized by severe mood swings and impulsive behavior. He wants to reconcile with his wife but, after a high-profile divorce, he is legally forbidden to go near her. The feelings on this ground and became the real cause of his disorder with further sending to the clinic. However, in the life of the hero appears another woman - Tiffany, who after the death of her husband fell into a special kind of depression. The life of both heroes after meeting begins to change dramatically.

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