888Sport Leaves The Netherlands and Loses Millions

888Sport Leaves The Netherlands and Loses Millions

Although 888 has been very successful in the Netherlands in recent years, the well-known gambling site has now left the Netherlands. The company made the difficult decision, among other things, after the KSA indicated that it was tightening controls. Due to the departure from the Netherlands, 888sport loses many millions. 888sport is also one of the first bookmakers to move into a country four years after its launch.

888Sport loss of 10 million dollars

Industry analysts say 888sport will incur a net loss of $10 million. This amounts to a loss of more than 8.5 million euros due to the rapid departure from the Netherlands. Many players are confused by the sudden absence of the brand. Yet there were signs for a long time that 888 would leave the Netherlands. 888 is one of Europe's most successful online sportsbooks with many players in every country, as reported at https://bollywood-casino.com/game/live-andar-bahar/. The bookmaker competes on many fronts with major brands such as Bet365 and Betway. In the four years that 888 has been active in the Netherlands, it has built up a large fan base.

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Now that 888 is leaving the Netherlands with its tail between its legs, it seems that the company has been guilty of illegally offering gambling games in the Netherlands in recent years.

Although 888sport suffers a big loss by moving out of the Netherlands, the company indicates that it is applying for a license itself. They wish to maintain their large customer base and will therefore apply for a permit at the first opportunity. The longer 888Sport stays away from the Netherlands, the more players it loses. This may mean that the company has to rebuild its player base when it returns to the Netherlands. So the faster the company is back, the less loss 888 incurs.

Fans eagerly await the return of 888

Many players hope for a quick return of 888 in the Netherlands. This is due to the fact that 888sport is quite unique in its offer. Besides a sportsbook, there is also an online casino. Or should we say, was? Anyway, the offer is immense. Good odds, lots of sports betting, and a load of casino games.

Since the company was founded in 2008, 888 has self-published many games. In addition to their own production of slots and other games, they also work together with the best and largest companies in the iGaming market. An example of this is the collaboration with Hacksaw Gaming. So 888sport will want to come back soon to make up for their loss.

What are the alternatives now that 888 has disappeared from the Netherlands?

Now that you can no longer go to 888 Netherlands, that does not mean that you can no longer gamble in the Netherlands. On the contrary, gambling is now even legal in the Netherlands. As long as you gamble at an online casino or bookmaker licensed by the KSA, you don't even pay any gambling tax. There are ten companies that have received a license in the Netherlands. Obviously, 888 is not one of them. If you are looking for a provider that can offer you both casino games and sports betting, there are a number of options. For example, there is Betcity, linked to the Amsterdam casino Betcity. Here you can bet on sports and play (live) casino games. With Andy van der Meyde, the company has brought in a well-known Dutchman as an ambassador and is also giving away a nice welcome bonus.

Another well-known bookmaker in the Netherlands is of course Toto. Now you may think that Toto only offers sports betting, but that is not the case. Since the beginning of October, you can also go to Toto for casino games.

This week, Bet365 launched in the Netherlands. They are going big with sports betting, (live) casinos, and even a poker room. You can read all our findings of this new gambling site in our Bet365 review.

So plenty of alternatives to take over the loss of 888sport.

When will we see 888sport back in the Netherlands to make up for their loss?

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Because 888 has illegally entered the Dutch market in recent years, it does not appear that the company will receive a license any time soon. There is a cooling-off period in effect. Perhaps 888 media will apply for a license in 2022. This application then has a lead time of six months. That's why we really don't expect any earlier than January 1, 2023, before 888 is available in the Netherlands. Of course, it's still a bit of a gamble, but luckily there are more than enough alternatives until then.

By the way, in India licensing is much faster, as the number of Methods of winning at online casinos. On average, money is withdrawn in a few hours.